Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Explain how an investor can set a stream of future payments from an Coursework

Explain how an investor can set a stream of future payments from an investment equal to its present value. Give two reasons why an investor might be interested in the present value - Coursework Example Stress is a common occurrence in the life of any individual. Stress has been shown to affect an individual’s performance hence in effect hampering their output, ability to relate and communicate effectively. This usually leads to a state of depression. This paper will highlight the causes of depression and anxiety, the types of treatments that are available for patients and the most recommended treatment. This paper will look at two articles that highlight the causes and treatments of depression and anxiety. It is paramount to understand the different approaches used in stress management before analyzing the stress management techniques. Stress management techniques could be grouped in two using two main classification methods (Lehrer, et al., 2007): a) Problem focused approach methods aim to identify the root cause of stress in the workplace. These approaches consider time management and come up with solutions best applicable for a particular cause, tailored for that specific workplace environment (Lehrer, et al., 2007). For example, problem focused approach methods for a construction site worker differs from those of a banking hall teller. b) Emotionally focused approach methods seek to provide a temporary guide for the parties involved getting by with the symptoms, but give little in solving the root cause of stress. Social support is the most common method; however drugs and alcohol fall under this category (Lehrer, et al., 2007). a) Psychological approaches handle subjective feelings triggered by stressful situations, such as lack of control and anxiety. These approaches only help people cope with these feelings (Lehrer, et al., 2007). b) Physiological approaches to handle the physical symptoms of stress that can be felt in the body. Symptoms such as increased heart rate and arousal are reduced by exerting

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